• “At seven months old, our baby was still waking several times a night and not napping well during the day. We were exhausted and unsure of how to help him sleep on his own. Thankfully we found Colleen, she worked with us to create a daily schedule and plan to help him sleep. With Colleen’s knowledge, support, and guidance we were able to get our baby to sleep through the night! We are so appreciative for all her help!”
    – Kimberly, mom to 7 month old Elliott

    Testimonial 3
  • “With your expertise and prompt email response (within minutes), when I needed to know what to do right then and their in that moment, you were there with me. It only took about 8 days/nights of getting on track and in a routine of sleeping well. Now at almost a year old the whole family is happy, healthy and well rested.”
    – One happy momma, Elizabeth Xo

    Testimonial 2
  • “Colleen SAVED me! She laid out a very do-able plan for me to move him out of my bed and into his own room and his own crib. His transition has been going well and she has been so supportive throughout our transition. I’ve been having MUCH better nights and days now that I have my baby on a schedule and I know we’re both sleeping better overall.”
    – Anna, mom to 4 month old

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Welcome to Love Sleep Grow. I help families get the sleep they need, using personalized sleep coaching methods. If you’re exhausted and sleep-deprived, then you’ve come to the right place!

I work with parents to trouble-shoot their children’s sleep issues, such as sleep regressions, nap transitions, preparing for a new baby, moving to a big kid bed, and many more.

I believe there is no “one size fits all” approach to helping your child sleep. My job is to develop a workable plan for your family, help you implement your plan, and encourage you along the way.